History of Brooch Land - The History of the Craft

Brooch Land is an internationally renowned accessories company specializing in brooches. We've created a series of brooches that are designed to add an exquisite dash of elegance to any outfit.

Whether you wish to pin a novel piece to your jacket or highlight your favorite blouse, an honest quality brooch is often a beautiful way for you to add novelty to your style.

We have a large range of pins and brooches, including designs featuring sea animals, spiders, costume jewelry, art-nouveau, vintage-style victorian
, and far more. These ultra-cute selections can facilitate you to showcase your favorite animals or perhaps ensure you've got beautiful jewelry that will accentuate your elegance.
A flower brooch will light up your outfit! It will even intricate it.
Beautiful girl with a red outfit accompanied with brooches and clasp

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide only top of the range accessories, decorations, and Brooch pin. We are constantly sourcing better quality brooches materials and ensuring that we will also manufacture better quality products.

We put love into every brooch we make. The goal is to form products that you simply are proud to wear and provides to others. These are unique pieces that you just really can't find anywhere else.

Our story

Our founder, Sophia, built this business from the bottom up, starting with a passion to make her own embellishment for her friends and family. Her business has continued to grow, as has her love of brooches.  Sophia is grateful for what she has created along with her brooch business and is thrilled to be selling now in the US and worldwide.

After modest beginnings, Sophia has continued to develop her skills and therefore the tools at her disposal for the creation of brooches. Today, you'll be able to enjoy a high-quality product that will last a durable time by gifting a brooch to your close one or simply to treat yourself.
Sophia the founder of brooch land with a orange sweater with a beautiful brooch

We're here for you

Our company is admittedly here for you. The nice advantage of shopping from Brooch Land is that you just will have access to higher customer service and that we have a large selection of products arriving regularly. We are ready to offer free tracked shipping and customer service and that we can guarantee that our customers are always taken care of.

The benefits of our products

The Jewellery that we have got the offer are all 100% unique. We wish to make sure that the brooches that we've got available are some things that you simply won’t find at another store. By offering interesting shapes and completely unique designs, we are able to offer you something which will suit your personality.
Two beautiful bird brooch on a collar

The Materials
At brooch land, we strive to bring you the noblest artifact! You will be able to find brooches made of bronze, ivory, Austrian crystal, 14k, and 18k gold (a few pieces), opal, resin, yellow-gold, sterling-silver, rhodium-plated, Platinum, enamel, stone, ruby and many more!
We want to give everyone the possibility to find their perfect brooch.
A white blouse with a flower brooch as a bracelet
Why buying a brooch?
If you wished to affirm some traits of your personality, show your difference, and your elegance a brooch is a perfect choice. Those decorations act as charms. They can be sparkling, dazzling, bling, some may consider them precious. Be inspired for example by a vintage-inspired 1950s encrusted badge. It will boost your confidence without losing your feminine side. 
There is a lot of themes to choose from such as floral, wedding, Christmas, roses, flower pin, animal, frog, autumn, gold-tone and silver-tone, and much much more.
Find your new beautiful brooch and maybe even start a collection of those magnificent decorations.
They are the perfect addition to bridal apparel, especially the ones encrusted with gemstones. What is more, you can even wear them as necklace!
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