Octopus Brooch Vintage

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A Vintage-inspired Rhinestone Octopus Pin Brooch. It features a magnificent sapphire inspired gemstone. Amazing as a lapel pin.

"It is much easier to be yourself than to try and be something you are not."

  • The octopus represents diversity, focus, and potential.
  • It is perfect for someone going for their dreams.
  • Add a vintage-style decoration to your outfit
  • Beautiful turquoise color that will go well on a scarf
  • A vintage brooch that is encrusted with enamel.
  • Fashion jewelry that will make you stand out in any setting.

More Information:

  • Materiel: Zinc Alloy, rhinestones
  • Dimension: 1.54in * 1.46in (3.9cm * 3.7cm)